What’s Metaprosperity?

Metaprosperity: the quality of being prosperous beyond financial considerations.

The definition of prosper is to succeed in an enterprise or activity, to become strong and flourishing, and in an older definition, to cause to succeed or thrive. Meta, of course, means above or beyond.

So, to achieve metaprosperity is to flourish, not only financially, but in every aspect of one’s life, from health, to relationships, to income, to that elusive quality of loving your life. For the latter to happen, you must have a feeling of well-being, to wake up each morning with joy to greet the day and the plans you have for it.

I want you to be metaprosperous.

This site is under construction, but when finished, it will show you how I can help you find your personal path to metaprosperity. But don’t go away empty-handed! I have a free gift for you!


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