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Do you want to get off your hamster wheel and onto a productive path, run your business like a boss, and have the life you love living every day?

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You were made to thrive.

Deep down, you know it too.  

You wanted a business that would support your life the way you want to live it.

The problem is—you didn't bargain for what you got. You had a dream about making your passion a business, and now: 

  • You need to have 48 hours in a day, because you can't get it all done in 24
  • You feel you need to learn marketing - and hate the idea
  • You think you need to be a bookkeeper, a web designer, a blogger, a customer service rep, AND
  • You need to be there for your family and friends, not to mention taking care of yourself

Does it all make you want to shout Calgon - take me away?

What would it make possible, if you knew how to smooth your daily path?

Becoming a business owner means making decisions about how you'll run your business, and what you'll do to remove the obstacles in your way.


I'm Cheri, and I've been there, too. I can help you do more than manage your time. Often, what wastes the most time is doubting ourselves, ineffective marketing, or burnout. Through my coaching and online courses, I address these issues and more.

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Experience the joy of owning your life... 

I'm Cheri Merz

I'm a wife, mom of four, grandmother and great-grandmother who has spent the last twenty years living my dream as a solopreneur. It took time to develop my knowledge of home-based business, including time-management, running my business like a business rather than a hobby, and taking care of myself along the way. It's been worth every hour and every penny I've spent on acquiring the knowledge!

When I'm not working from home, you can often find me on a mountain trail, in my garden, or reading.  

Cheri Merz and her husband of 40+ years on mountain trail

You're a solopreneur

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Solopreneurs are business owners, network marketers, creatives, and may be employees who want to change their lives and their families' lives by being at home full time! 

Has your dream of working from home turned into a nightmare?

Do distractions, interruptions, and procrastination make it difficult or impossible for you to manage your business, your home, your relationships and your health?

Do you feel you're always on a hamster wheel, running and running, and never getting anywhere?  

Do you lie awake at night wondering how you're going to get everything on your to-do list done?

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Exhausted businesswoman asleep on laptop.

Exhausted trying to do All The Things? 

Download your free guide to creating a self-care routine here!

Get the personalized help you need to live your life to the fullest. Schedule a free session with me below. 

Are you ready to free yourself from overwhelm and create the life you love to live every day? 


Questions? I'm here for you. (Unless I'm out hiking) Just kidding! I check my email daily. 😊

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Do you need a coach?

You know your business. You got help with branding and marketing (didn't you?). You've got customers or clients, and you're doing pretty well...

except there are times when you think, I just can't do this today..

Or you're grumpy with your spouse, or your kids, or heaven forbid! Your customers...

There's something you need to do for your business, but you don't know how, and there's no time to learn, and you're so frustrated... 

Every day feels like you're running and running and getting nowhwere... 

And if any of that is true, you're experiencing the symptoms of burnout, my friend. Maybe you aren't there yet, but you can sense it's coming. 

Can you relate?

Are you ready to put an end to the overwhelm, and start living the life you envisioned would be yours when you own your own business? 

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I consulted with Cheri, who worked diligently with me to help me make the progress I needed. It was a slow process, but with her encouragement and patience, I kept at it. It paid off and continues to do so until this day.  

In the span of less than a year, I started a brand new pen name in one of the most difficult genres imaginable. Simply by implementing some of the key strategies I learned from Cheri, I was able to double my net income from the previous year.

Not only that, but I was able to gain the one thing I'd hoped for when I started out as a self publisher - free time.  

Gabe Bilawa

Gabe Bilawa, Independent Author



Certificate of Achievement, Course Builder's Formula

Classes designed for transformative experiences.

A Life Management Course for Solopreneurs

Image of woman doing six things at once.

  • Do you relate to the old joke 'the hurrier I go, the behinder I get'? 
  • Is half your to-do list left undone every day? 
  • Have you ever snapped at a customer because your kids needed you right that minute, or vice versa? 
  • Are you ready to scream with frustration or run away?

Then this course is for you!  

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Rebecca Cuevas

Rebecca Cuevas, Founder and CEO, Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

“What I especially found useful was the ability to customize each step of the course to make it fit my personal preferences and needs. This is not “one size fits all” cookie cutter training… it’s a customized learning experience that adapts to each learner’s unique situation and needs.  

As an instructional designer I find that a very desirable quality in any course. As a student in this course, it made my learning experience a uniquely useful and satisfying one. ”


Free content to speed your journey

I'll tell you an open secret. 

I'm opinionated. 

That's because I've lived long enough to hear it all, test it all, and form an opinion. That doesn't mean I'm closed-minded. I actually change my opinion from time to time...

I try to take everything with a grain of salt, and I'm interested in almost everything. Truly! Which makes me a bit of a nerd...

And gives me plenty of subject matter to write about. I hope I do it with some grace, a bit of humor, and an open mind.

Along the way, I offer great content, with action items you can apply to help create the life you love to live. 

Would you like to walk a little way with me, and maybe stay for the whole trip? I'd love to see your comments on my posts. Come on over!


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